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The conference will be held at the SESC Praia Formosa, a pleasant place located less than one hour (or 45 km) from the airport of Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo. With more than 200 rooms, conference halls, exposition areas, restaurants, and a huge area in front of the beach, SESC Praia Formosa is the perfect place for hosting the conference in Brazil.

Given the relatively isolated location of SESC Praia Formosa and all the facilities provided by this incredible tourism center, every delegate is supposed to be hosted at the conference venue. Accommodation fees, therefore, will be included in the registration rates.  Every room at the SESC Praia Formosa is provided with WC and shower, tv, air conditioning, and a small fridge. Delegates will be able to choose rooms for one to two guests. For those leaving on Saturday, accommodation will be provided from June 03 to 09. For those staying for the post-conference trip, accommodation will be provided from 03 to 10.

SESC Praia Formosa




Vargem Alta, Monte Verde Golf & Resort (http://www.hotelmonteverde.com.br/)

Early on June 06, on our way to Vargem Alta, we will make a stop at the city of Domingos Martins where we will be able to see one of the most spectacular landscapes of Espírito Santo, the Pedra Azul (a gnaisse mountain that reach more than 1800 meters and, depending on the sun and other factors, may have a bluish coloration – hence its name in Portuguese, Blue Rock). After that, we will spend the rest of the day at the Monte Verde Hotel. This resort is surrounded by an exuberant area of Atlantic Forest, where we can take an ecological trail along the giant ferns and reach a nice and preserved stream. For lunch, a Brazilian barbecue (with vegetarian options) will restore everyone’s energy.

 Location on map:

Vargem Alta – ES:

Domingos Martins – ES: 

Pedra Azul – ES



Opitional post-conference trip to Sooretama, Reserva Natural da Vale (http://www.vale.com/brasil/pt/initiatives/environmental-social/natural-reserve/paginas/default.aspx)

For the post-conference we decided to choose a different landscape, away from the mountains, at the north of Espírito Santo. Vale Natural Reserve, along with the contiguous Sooretama Biological Reserve, is one of the largest conservation areas of the state. The Atlantic Forest biome in this area is dominated by a different and almost exclusive kind of vegetation, the Mata de Tabuleiro. Sharing affinities with the Amazon forest, this area houses some of the most emblematics and endangered species of Brazil, such as jaguars (Panthera onca and Puma concolor), harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja), tapirs (Tapirus terrestris), among others. Besides ecological trails, Vale Natural Reserve has a restaurant, a hotel and a large green area for leisure, with swimming pool, natural spa and sports court. In addition, the public can enjoy a playroom and a Visitor Centre with permanent exhibition on the Atlantic Forest and information on environmental education.

 Location on map:

Sooretama – ES

Reserva Natural da Vale – ES